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Are you a singer/songwriter or solo artist looking for a  way to put together a major label quality album project or demo?  Then you’ve come to the right place!  MBM Productions offer complete production services for any type of project. We are working with some of the very talented songwriters/composer, or solo artists, helping you to compose, arrange, and produce songs.  Along with voice recording mixing and mastering service.


This is how you get started:


  • Music Composition & Lyric – If you have an idea of a song, but don’t have a band or the musical skills to create the music yourself, MBM can help you compose and arrange the music for your song. We shall arrange a meeting and collect details of your song, a simple demo with lyric will deliver to you within 10 days, you have the option to change any part of the composition and lyrics until you are satisfied
  • Arranging –   Once the composition and lyric has confirmed, we shall start working on the arrangment, you can choose from variety of musical styles including: alternative, pop/rock, hard rock/metal, rap/hip-hop, RnB, dance/electronic, modern/smooth jazz, acoustic/folk, and even some country.  In addition, MBM work with a wide variety of top professional studio musicians whom we often bring in to take you work to the next level, when the budget allows. 
  • Voice recording – You can choose location to record you song either in Hong Kong or select from some of the world top recording studio we provide. this is truely is a life time experience
  • Mixing / Mastering  –  The final step to any project is to prepare a master for the manufacturing facility so that they can make your CDs (or prepare a digital master for digital distributors).  This is a two step process.  The first part is the editing/sequencing stage, and the second part is the mastering


MBM Production

Everything we do makes your dream come simple – from our dedication to the highest quality recording studios in the world, to the way we establish meaningful connections with our clients and partners.

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