Getting Started

Start with our online question form or arrange a meeting with our supervisor. Tell us your story or how you'd like your song to be produced. 

Laying down the demo track

We'll start by recording a simple guitar/piano scratch track of your song synced to a click track. Lyric will base on your story u giving us, you will be able to review, request changes or approve each instrument before we to move on to the next one, our producers will guide and help you through the entire production process.

Recording Your Vocals

After the instruments are recorded, it's your turn to lay down the final vocal tracks. If you're not a singer, we've got you covered. We have a variety of vocal coach in different styles for both lead and background vocals. You are welcome to our main centre in Hong Kong for our professional vocal training or we can arrange one for you while your time at the studio. 

Mixing and Mastering

In the final step, your song will be mixed and mastered by StudioPros' engineer. You'll be able to download the final version of your song, review it and request changes if needed.

MBM Production

Everything we do makes your dream come simple – from our dedication to the highest quality recording studios in the world, to the way we establish meaningful connections with our clients and partners.

Contact Us

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